Civil aircraft / Combat aircraft



Today Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant is:

  • The largest aircraft building enterprise in Russia manufacturing warplanes;
  • The leading production enterprise of the JSC “Sukhoi” Company” with high-level of production facilities and tooling;
  • The only Russian enterprise produces single- and double-seat variants of the Su-27 family warplanes;
  • Production of the Su-30M2/MK2 double-seat multi-role fighters, Su-35/S single-seat multi-functional super-maneuverable fighters for the RF Ministry of Defense and export deliveries;
  • Production of the T-50 - 5th-generation Advanced Frontline Aircraft System;
  • Overhaul and modernization and after-sale service of the delivered aircraft;
  • Production of parts and components for the Sukhoi SuperJet-100 regional jet plane;
  • Holder of the certificates of conformity of the Quality Management System to international quality standards AS/EN 9100.